How do I know what generation my heater is?

There are two ways to find out what generation the heater is:


1. Physically on the heater:

If your heater is located nearby, you can find it out by looking for the following on the heater:

All heaters:

Located the serial number:

- Generation 1 serial number always starts with SKAG

- Generation 2 serial number always starts with SKAH

Panel heaters:

- Under the display cover all Generation 2 heaters will be marked with "Generation 2". Generation 1 will have no text under the display cover.


2. Via the Millheat app (WiFi heaters only)

If the heater is located in another location you can still find out through the Millheat app:

1. Open the Millheat app

2. Choose the room where the heater is connected

3. Choose "Device list"

4. Select the heater from the list

5. Select the "Off"-button

6. If you have a Generation 1 heater you will get the following message:

"You have a heater with Version 1 and this device does not support turning the device ON/OFF remotely. Please turn it ON/OFF manually on the heater with the main switch"


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