What is vacation mode and how do I activate it?

Vacation mode is a function that simply let you set all heaters connected to your home to a specific temperature for a given period.

This is a good option when you are going on vacation instead of resetting your programs. Vacation mode can also be used when leaving your cabin at the end of the weekend.

You activate vacation mode by doing the following steps:

  1. Select settings icon on the home screen (three lines in the top left corner).
  2. Select “vacation mode”.
  3. Choose the house you want to activate vacation mode for and select “next”.
  4. Set the date and time for the vacation (start and end).
  5. Activate “Vacation mode”.
  6. Set desired temperature for all heaters assigned to your home in the vacation period.

You can set a vacation period in the future, but not more than one vacation can be registered at a time. When vacation mode is active your home screen will tell you that your home is in vacation mode.


Follow the instructions in the tutorial video below to activate vacation mode:

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