My Mill WiFi heater does not connect to the Mill app. What do I do?

If you have trouble connecting your Mill WiFi heater to the Mill app, do the following: 

A:  Check if you have the correct WiFi router settings

  1. Make sure that your WiFi distributes b/g/n signal.  
  2. Make sure you are connected to the 2.4 Ghz network when installing the heater.

Read more about necessary WiFi settings under article: Questions about the WiFi router > WiFi router settings required when using Mill WiFi heaters For specific WiFi router instructions, refer to the below articles under Mill WiFi troubleshooting >


Apple Airport Express

Amplifi HD

Verizon Fios Gateway G1100 router

After ensuring this, reset your heater before trying to connecting to the Mill app again.


B:   Rest your Mill WiFi heater:

  1. Turn off your Mill WiFi heater via the ON/OFF switch
  2. Push and hold in the settings button while simultaneously turning on the heater.
  3. When the display lights are blinking you can release both buttons. The blinking lights indicate the heater has been reset.
  4. Try to reconnect the heater to the Mill app.

C: Ensure you have a stabile WiFi signal

The WiFi signal range on your heater is IOT based, meaning the signal range is lower than WiFi devices such as phones, PC, tablets, etc. It is therefore important to make sure your heater, phone and WiFi router are close to each other when installing.

It is also important to be aware your WiFi signal of a may be affected by what kind of material your house is built with (concrete, woodwork etc.) If you experience a weak WiFi signal where you wish to have your Mill product, we recommend increasing the signal by using a WiFi range extender (repeater/extender) to ensure a stabile signal.


D:  Try an alternative installation method in the Mill app:

The Mill app also has an alternative installation method you can try. You can find this installation guide in the Mill app:

  1. Select the settings icon in the home screen (three lines in the top left corner).
  2. Select “Alternate WiFi configuration” and follow the instructions.

E:  Troubleshoot with hotspot (Generation 1 and 2):

If none of the above instructions work, we need to investigate if the connection problem is located in the WiFi module of the heater or if there is a settings error on your WiFi router. To troubleshoot you can try to use another cellphone as a “shared internet/ hotspot”.

  1. Use another cellphone to create a “shared internet/ hotspot”
  2. Connect the cellphone where you have downloaded the Mill app to the “shared internet/ hotspot” you just created.
  3. Access the Mill app and select “Add heater” and follow the instructions
  4. If you can connect to the heater there is no problem with the WiFi module in the heater, and the error is located in the settings of the WiFi router.
  5. If you cannot connect to the heater via the “shared internet/ hotspot” the connection is located in the WiFi module of the heater - contact the store where you purchased the product.


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