The heater turns off before it reaches the desired temperature. What do I do?

This answer does only apply to the Mill Oil series:

It is possible to experience deviations between the registered temperature on the heater and the actual temperature where you stay in the room.

There are several possible reasons for this, but the most common one is that the heater is located some distance from where you normally stay in the room. When you for example set the temperature on the heater to 22 degrees Celsius, it’s natural and intuitive to believe that this is temperature you will get where your couch is placed. However, the heaters temperature sensor is placed on the product itself, making the deviation possible.

To be able to adjust the temperature all Mill heaters are equipped with a calibration function, meaning that you can adjust the registered temperature on the heater. We recommend that you keep the heater on (with the same temperature setting) for 12 hours to make sure the calibration is correct. 

Do the following steps to calibrate the heater:

  1. Push the Function button two times
  2. C will blink in the display and the heaters is open for calibration
  3. Use the wheel to set the actual temperature in the room
  4. Confirm the change by pushing one time on the function button
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