The lightning symbol is green, but no heat is generated from my Mill Steel / Glass Panel Heater.

All Mill Steel / Glass Panel Heaters (2013-season and newer) have a lightning symbol on the heater indicating if the heater is generating heat or not. If the lightning symbol is lit the heater should be generating heat.

If the heater for some reason does not generate heat when the lightning symbol is lit, there is likely a problem with your heater. To troubleshoot if the heater is defect or not, please conduct the following routine:

  1. Reset the heater
  2. Set the heater to maximum temperature (35 degrees Celsius).
  3. Within a couple of minutes your heater should be warm. You can control this by holding you hand over the top of the heater.

a. If the heater does not become warm contact the store where you bought your heater for further assistance (please remember to bring your receipt).

b. If your heater does heat and everything seems to be in order after doing this procedure, you need to calibrate the heater so that it adjusts to the room its located in. 

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