Amplifi HD

To connect your Mill WiFi heater to your Amplifi HD you need to activate "Separate WiFi SSID”. To activate "Separate WiFi SSID” do the following:

1) Click the image of your Amplifi HD on the home screen of the Amplifi app to get to "Settings"



2) Click on "Wireless"



3) Activate "Separate WiFi SSID". Please remember to save by clicking the checkmark in the upper right corner


4) Connect your smartphone (the one you have the Mill app installed on) to your new WiFi network: "XXXXXXXX-2G" (this WiFi network has the same password as your original network)



5) Open your Mill app and connect your Mill WiFi device

Note! You cannot deactivate "Separate WiFi SSID" after successful connection with your Mill WIFi device, but you can connect your smartphone back to your usual WiFi network.

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